Chronically foundered Paint pony mare. 

Her owner made awesome changes to the mare's diet and lifestyle and as a result - changed her life.  She went from laying down

lame to moving around like a normal happy horse in a few months.  It would have been even faster but there is always a learning

curve in cases like this, and the mare managed to find some kind of weed to eat in her dry lot paddock that no one else wanted, and

broke out of her stall on another occasion.  She's nothing if not a determined girl!  ;-)  She now gets soaked, low NSC grass

hay and soaked beet pulp with minerals balanced by Dr. Eleanor Kellon.  All that's left to do is grow out the old laminitic hoof and she

will be 100% again! 


Right front April 2007

Her xray of the right front - rotated, but beautiful sole depth and lots of toe

that can be removed to improve her breakover as well.

After "founder trim", May 2007:

(her heels needed to come down more, but she was still sore in this phase and it was an intensive trim for her to manage at once. 

Her movement improved noticeably after the trim with the new, shorter toe)

July 2007

She is moving like a normal horse, and her owner said she bucked and cantered the other day!

January 2008

Looking great!  :-)

Left hind April 07 and then February 08

Right hind (did not have the original before view of this hoof for some reason?) and then Feb 08

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