A "mustang roll" is the rounded edge or beveled edge (dependant on the horse's terrain) which keeps the breakover short, thereby alleviating strain on the horse's tendons and ligaments.  This roll also helps the hoof to withstand chipping and snagging, and also helps keep the hoof "tight"... i.e. - no flares or stress to the lamina (assuming there are no metabolic issues).  The roll is a good way of bringing breakover back, growing out flare, and shortening the toe without thinning the walls or "dubbing" the toe.  Horses starting off with thin walls from previous over-rasping the wall surface or poor hoof quality from nail holes or damage from an injury should only get a smaller softening to the edge, as their hoof cannot support the bigger roll yet.  Horses with thick walls, such as the horse below, can support a bigger roll. 

The following photo shows the difference a mustang roll can make to a hoof - the hoof wall was not thinned nor the hoof dubbed, yet the breakover is significantly improved!! 

(hooves belong to an aged Thoroughbred/QH gelding right out of shoes)

Hoof on the left after mustang roll, hoof on the right before the roll applied:


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